Justyna Monde

Justyna Monde is a model, blogger and family real estate manager.

She holds a degree in real estate from Industrie- und Handelskammer Darmstadt, with additional studies at Beverly Hills Playhouse New York, . She used to work in finance and real estate at several companies including GZB Realty, Baumüller & Co. AG, Telesoft Partners and with numerous cooperating partners throughout the world. In the meanwhile, and together with her best friend Amine Hassar, she was the co-founder of Jumines an online gallery which openend in Frankfurt from 2015 until 2018 and represented a great variety of exclusive, highly rated art, including Niclas Castello. Prior to that, she did internships at Multiline Textil GmbH Düsseldorf, BMW and some volunteer work at Sarah Fox Hospital (2013) for children in the Western Cape, Africa. Despite the importance of examining how youth contribute solutions to politics, she then become politically active at the age of 15 with JULIS (Junge Liberale) in Germany.

While studying and working, she was able to attract a continuously growing audience and engage with her followers and friends about fashion, art, events, photography, style, travel and tv via social media. In addition to own work, she creates art-paintings as part of a hobby.

*I love my family from Poland, Norway and Vietnam*

She stands for female empowerment and peace.