Justyna Violetta Monde is a model/actress, art lover, business women.

She is also a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, CAIA &  additional studies of Milton Katselas technique at Beverly Hills Playhouse (2019) New York.

  • hobby engineer with creative ways of structuring business like a musical composition

Prior to that, Justyna went to school and holds a degree – Immobilienkauffrau – from Industrie- und Handelskammer Darmstadt to practice commercial real estate in cooperation with Baumüller & Co. AG. and went on to work in investment banking, real estate & art advising for several companies including Pembrook Capital Management, LLC Telesoft Partners, ALJ ,ILDC, G.H. Palmer, then later spent some more time working for various or in cooperation with some of the Fortune 500 companies and different kind of co-work with China-Japan-Cambodia, USA, Pakistan, India, UAE, Albania, Russia, Turkey, EU-Germany-Poland-Italy-Irland-France, Israel, UK, Africa-Nigeria-Morroco & Brazil-Mexico.

But throughout her professional career Justyna always kept focus on her true passions, such as fashion, photography, travel, various public events, art shows and matches.  Predominantly through social media Justyna began to attract a growing audience and developed a friendship with Amine Hassar, and the two went on to co-found a start-up -an online gallery called Jumines, openend in Frankfurt from (2015 – 2018) and represented a great variety of exclusive, highly rated art, including the work of Niclas Castello. Later on, she was also hitched by  Cheil Worldwide & Samsung (2017- ) & RTL & cooperate with central, south and southeast asian governments. 

Additional to that, she also helped solving a few criminal cases – defense advisory & problem solving – Operation Car Wash – Petrobrasil and was-is working with several law agencies worldwide. Advancing in her career, Justyna prior found herself working at large multinational major corporations in the automotive industry such as Toyota and in oil industries.

Prior to that, she did some volunteer work at HIV & AIDS  Sarah Fox Hospital (2013) for children in the Western Cape, Africa and was working at Multiline Textil GmbH Düsseldorf (2010) – assistance to executive assistance, BMW, & China Investment  (2008).

Despite the importance of examining how youth contribute solutions to politics, she then became interested in politics at the age of 15 (2008) and to believe very strongly that the youth can and should become more engaged in their nations politics, and must be vocal about the direction the country takes, and so she became a member of JULIS (Junge Liberale) in Germany.

Furthermore, she was represented by several agencies on-off, including, East West Models, SMC Model Management, Model Pool Düsseldorf , Kamikatze & Rotznasen, SPE Agency etc. & some smaller agencies starting at the age of 13 (2006) in Germany.

She began her career at the age of 7 (2000) and took acting, music – singing, violin, clarinette -, ballet lessons and was playing major roles as singer or actress  at whole school events and at the theatre.

Polish, Scottish-Irish, Balkan & Austrian roots with international family hood from USA, Vietnam & Poland.

Football, Basketball,Baseball & Soccer fan

Instagram @justynamonde