🇺🇸Aspen Art Museum🇺🇸

I am so inspired by the new installation of paintings by New York–based artist #NateLowman who explores the timeless, palpable concept of desire using imagery and language drawn from American pop culture 🇺🇸
Angels, poppies, hearts, smiley faces, iconic celebrities, crosses, and news articles—all presented through the lens of desire @aspenartmuseum @lakers 🏀

The power of guns 🔫💣
Nate Lowmans artworks found objects symbolizing 21 century America: Celebrities, yellow smiley faces ,stickers but also the cultural obsession with violence which emerges from the perpetual and ceaseless reciprocity between #gun and gang culture. 🏀

Shoes & Cap: Rag and Bone

Jacket: Harris Wharf London

Location: Aspen Art Museum

Photo: Nick Tininenko