I am truly impressed but the Centre Pompidou which presents 28 works of Jim Dine that make up his recent outstanding donation to the Musee national d’art moderne.

Jim Dine a passionate character, sculptor, painter and printmaker in one, he has continually explored new languages, from the happening to the environment, while executing occasional artistic about turns that equally testify to unquenchable drive to experiment.

Straw heart

One of Jim Dines first artworks. It’s a popular symbol of love and feeling, the heart is as emblematic of Jim Dines work as the target is of Jasper Johns, Marilyn face of Andy Warhols, or the world ‘love’.

Heart symbol –This work of the artist early thirties originally formed part of an environment composed of eight large scale sculptures, six of which were destroyed after being exhibited at Cornell University Andrew Dickson White Museum 1967.

Loving me like a CLoud