I recently had the good fortune to see some exhilarating artwork in a New York exhibition, and I can barely contain my excitement. This new upcoming artist from Venezuela is taking the South American and European art culture by storm, and I can only assume will steadily become more widely known around the world.

Known professionally by her art career name, CLoD, Claudia Echeverria is a Venezualan artist currently living in Miami. She takes creative inspiration from her everyday life, from people, and her relationships. Originally a TV Producer, she left that career to devote herself to her true passion, which is fine art.

You can see that passion in her work, and the inspiration drawn from relationships. It’s very visible in all her work but especially in one of her finest works, “Do you?” an acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas. This is a breathtaking painting of bright shades of red, blue, yellow, pink, and black, and at roughly 250cm x 300cm (8 ft x 10 ft) a work of fairly imposing size.

It’s obvious that CLoD’s artwork is predominantly Abstract and not meant to be literally representative of real world objects, and is instead meant to be more symbolic and interpretive of emotions and states of mind. Not unlike the Cubist work of Pablo Picasso, bright colors and geometric shapes are used here to symbolize reality in a non-literal and more emotional sense.

In “Do You?”, CLoD masterfully uses the three most basic primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, to capture the clear differences between the two figures in the piece. On the right side there’s a rather brute-like character that appears to be shouting, and has a rigid upright form, with round smooth edges. On the left however there is a blue figure, and is a more bird-like creature, that seems to be passive and patient. You can see the two creatures are in some kind of disagreement, and the colors are being used to reflect the feelings. One person is angry, the other feels sad.

At the top of the piece we can see the words, “If they need to win, let them” which really speaks to me in a personal and emotional way. Sometimes people really just need to “win” and maybe if that’s all they want then you can let them “win”. You don’t have to fight. You don’t have to spend the energy fighting a pointless battle. Sometimes it is better to be the bigger person and just let it go, and walk away.

I think that’s why close to the center of the piece, near the blue figure’s heart, you can see the words “Real Power Here”. CLoD must have had some kind of personal experience that she learned from, and she wants to show it here. Courage and confidence in yourself is where you can find the strength to persevere in hard times.

All of her work is like this! Colorful and emotionally expressive. I’m so happy to have seen such beautiful artwork, and definitely recommend that if there is an exhibition of her work in your area, or if you’re able to travel to see one of her exhibitions, that you should definitely try and make it!