I hadn’t expected how alluring the Glyptotek Museum would be but it turned out to be quite a masterpiece. There is much antique art and a wondrous collection of French and Danish Sculptures. I clicked a lot of pictures and still can’t get enough of the beauty. I especially loved Henning Larsen’s designs at the Museum.


The Amass Restaurant was a pure delight with its Nordic cuisine being one of the best to have found its way into my mouth. The wall art there is quite refreshing; a subtle portrayal of urban meets sophistication.


Guess who is pictured on the wall ?! ! PABLO ESCOBAR ! As you know Copenhagen is known for its food scene and it did not dissapoint. Whether it be Michelin star or coffee shops, the food was delicious. Anyway I was impressed about the food design and the impressive wallet in most of the restaurants in Copenhagen. Amass restaurant is one of the notable restaurant for Nordic cuisine and it has already become one of the must-visit restaurants in the world.

I was also so impressed by Kødbyens Fiskebar which serves fresh seafood, easy-drinking wines and delicious cocktails. All in a raw and rustic setting in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen.

Staying at the elite Nobis Hotel was the highlight of my trip. I fell in love with its Scandinavian architecture. The marvellous hotel is stunning and timeless. One morning, I got so lost with walking around in the hotel that three hours passed and I was still appreciating what a marvel the hotel is.