It was really nice to visit Rome and getting introduced to a film producer but besides of that I’ve visited the wonderful Fendi Studio.

A digitally immersive journey in the relationship between the Roman House and the cinema world.

Through decades Fendi has manufactured several outfits, accessories and fur pieces for international movies, from italian new wave to American blockbusters, from there the idea to feature those movies in one unique exhibition.

This costumes collection is displayed and presented in several rooms of this exhibition showcased in the Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana, which itself is linked to cinema history, as Boccaccio, 70, Titrus, Zoolander, to name a few…

One of the studios, inspired by famous car scenes, as Evita, never say never again, Femme Fatale and the Grand Budapest Hotel, with a green screen and a real car, let’s the visitors take action in a classic cinema studio..