Golden State Warriors – San Francisco

I have to confess that basketball is one of my favorite things to watch, it may even be my favorite sport. It’s so fast paced and energetic, but still chill and relaxing to watch. It has all the aggressive physical competitiveness of American Football, with the low-key almost meditative viewing experience that comes with Baseball.

Before the Warriors had moved their home stadium to the Chase Center in San Francisco, I was lucky enough to attend a home game at the Oakland Arena in Oakland California, where the team has been playing since the 70s. The game was between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers (one of California’s other major basketball teams, the others being the LA Clippers and the Sacramento Kings).

In the first quarter of the match within about 30 second the first score of the game was made by Kevin Durant who made a 3-point jump shot. Off to a good start, the Warriors maintained both good offense and defense throughout the 1st quarter. At a couple moments the Lakers were ahead by a couple points, it wasn’t long before the Warriors were able to take back the lead. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 23 to 26.

The second quarter started very badly for the Lakers. Within seconds Travis Wear shot foul and the ball was given to the Warriors for the free throw, with JaVale McGee making both free throw shots bringing the Warriors up to 28 points. From that point through the remainder of the second quarter the Lakers weren’t able to score higher than the Warriors. However, Lakers player Lonzo Ball was able to make a last second 2-point score which brought the scores of both teams to a tie of 55.

For the first minute or so of the third quarter it seemed like the Lakers had a chance of taking the lead, but that hope was pretty quickly diminished when by the halfway point when with about 5 minutes to go the Warriors were ahead by more than 10 points. Close to the end of the quarter the Lakers were able to close the gap a little bit, but the Warriors were still ahead by 7 points.

By the fourth quarter the outcome of the game was almost already assured. I was feeling really confident that the Warriors were ultimately going to be the winners. Some last minute hustle from the Lakers brought the scores a little closer together, but with the exception of a minute or so at the beginning, at no other point in the fourth quarter did the team’s scores get closer than a 7 point spread. Finally in the endgame it became very apparent that the Warriors were going to win because they were up by almost 20 points, and time for the Lakers was running out. In the last few seconds Lakers player Tyler Ennis made a 2-point score, but it didn’t change the outcome of the game. The Golden State Warriors won the game! The Golden State Warriors would go on to win that year’s division title.

Again, I was really fortunate to see the team play in their home arena. If you ever have the opportunity to see the Warriors play, whether it’s in their San Francisco home or in an away game somewhere else in the US, you should go see them. It was really fun!