I meet Monica Haider at the MoMA Museum and she was always asking for interviews, especially about health, beauty and travel plans. So basically I was not born with a fairytale skin but I always try keep my skin clear and clean. Here is a recommendation about my skin routine.


– Interview of Monica Haider by The Pink Magazine

Each morning after Monde wakes up she rinses her face with water before beginning the following routine from PCA Skin, which an esthetician recommended for her.

Step 1: Apply acne gel

Step 2: Next, apply hyaluronic acid boosting serum

Step 3: Third, a moisturizer.

Step 4: Finally, Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45

Monde typically opts to skip applying makeup, but occasionally following up this route.

Step 1: Primer: “Highlight Primer Care” by Anna / Ake

Step 2: Pore minimizer: “The POREfessional” by Benefit Cosmetics

Step 3: Makeup: “Perfect Match Make-up” by L’Oreal Paris

Step 4: Blush and lipstick: Applies the same shade from L’Oreal on both cheeks and lips

Step 5: Eye shadow: Applies the “Big beautiful eyes” palette by Benefit Cosmetics or the “Naked 3” palette by Urban Decay

Step 6: Eyeliner: If she chooses to add this, her go-to is Sephora’s black eyeliner

Step 7: Mascara: “X Fiber False Lash” by L’Oreal Paris

Finally, she finishes off her primping with “Amethyst” Eau de Parfum by Lalique.

At night before going to bed, Monde applies an intensive retinol and hyaluronic acid followed by the Elemental Emulsion Moisturizer. Occasionally, she adds a moisture surge overnight mask by Clinique.

As for facials, Monde said they are critical for her, and she schedules hydrafacials every two months.