I had always a deep connection and relation to France as my mother was married to a wonderful husband of Compiègne France❤️
As a child I spent lot of times in France but my language skills are not that good anymore #JustynaMonde 😂 .

Compiègne has a also a wonderful story of #Chanel ❤️ Chanel met a former cavalry officer and wealthy heir to a textile fortune named #EtienneBalsan. By the age of #23 Chanel had become his mistress and she moved into his chateau, Royallieu, located in #Compiegne. Chanel’s lifestyle improved immensely and she was soon living a leisurely and lavish life with days spent in equestrian pursuits and nights socializing with Balsan and his friends. Balsan indulged Chanel’s every whim and showered her with gifts of #beautifuldresses and #jewelry. But Chanel had many hours of idle time and she was looking for a diversion to fill the hours of the day. So, she began making her own #hats mostly because she could not find the styles that she preferred. Some of the women that came to Royallieu liked her #hats and requested that Chanel make ones for them.
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Photo Michael Creagh