Museum of Arts and Design

Are you an art lover visiting New York City? Then you surely need to go to the Museum of Arts and Design! The museum opened its new home at Two Columbus Circle in September 2008 and since then, it has become the new IT spot for art lovers all over the state. The Museum of Arts and Design explores the blur zone between art, design, and craft today. The Museum celebrates the creative process that enhances contemporary life. The place first opened its doors in 1956 as the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, with an original mission of recognizing the craftsmanship of contemporary American artists.

In order to draw visitors into the museum, this site has a street and sidewalk presence through interior and exterior “attractor displays” that run horizontally between the building’s ground-floor columns and display information and images from current programming and upcoming exhibitions. Once you step into the lobby, you will find a A 14-ft.-high wayfinding totem. Located at the heart of Manhattan, the Museum offers flexible spaces, contemporary design, and Central Park views that will elevate any special events too. 

 You will see temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and design there along with selections from MAD’s collections. It consists of around 7 floors of eclectic art/design exhibits. Perhaps the most attractive parts besides the art displays are The Store at MAD and Robert. 

Here’s secret out-of-towners don’t know: MAD has a truly great designer jewelry shop. The Store at MAD offers a curated selection of well-executed contemporary artist-made objects and jewelry. It’s beloved for offering the museum world’s most desirable and rarefied jewelry selections. 

Next, on top of The Museum of Arts and Design, Robert is a classic modern American restaurant offering breathtaking views of Central Park and Columbus Circle. The restaurant celebrates design, beauty, and culinary delights. It’s a great place for celebratory lunch and drinks especially when you get to see the gorgeous view of Central Park while the Sun sets. 

Overall, it’s an interesting and unique place and definitely one of my favorite museums in NYC. You can visit it with your friends and family and have a great time. Make sure to explore all the floors and have a great time there!