Traveling signifies the fact that you have an alive heart beating inside and a lively soul breathing outside. Italy is just like a mesmerizing dream that keeps on switching back your mind times and again


Okay, this is the narration of my recent trip to Naples in FebruaryI checked in Grand Hotel Vesuvio, Napoli;captivating seafront of this hotel makes it a magical place to live in. I left my luggage in the hotel; enjoyed the spa there and set to explore the town. 

It was a sunny morning of February and weather was lovelydecide to visit the most striking places of Naples today. I was hungry and had listened a lot about the fruit- and fishmarket of Naples.

I enjoyed fresh seafood there and got ready to witness the next destination. 

First, I set to have the beautiful rooftop view of the city. I saw Spaccanapoli,which is a narrow street running just in the middle of the city looks like a crack

I am honored to taste the relish of the magnificent panorama of all the places of Naples, Italy. My two-daytrip to Naples left an amazingly incredible spell on my memories and I truly enjoyed all the majestic places.