The New York International Auto Show 2019

Just a few blocks south of Hell’s Kitchen on the west side of Manhattan Island, the Jacob Javits Convention Center hosts a variety of events, exhibits, conferences, and conventions. This includes the annual New York International Auto Show which has been continuously and consistently active well over 100 years, and has been exhibited in the Javits Center since the late 80s. In fact, when the NY International Auto Show began in 1900 it was the first automotive exhibition ever in North America. Of course that should come as no surprise, as in the early 1900s automobiles of any kind were extremely new to practically everyone, as the Ford Model T, which is often credited for being affordable enough for most working class people to buy, didn’t even begin manufacturing for another 8 years.

This is among the world’s most prestigious and attended automobile events, regularly hosting more than a million visitors and attracting well over 30 automakers and hundreds of other participants exhibiting the latest in auto technology and products. Each annual ten-day event brings hundreds of millions of dollars to New York City’s economy, and includes a wide range of activities including conferences, forums, symposiums, and other kinds of gatherings and presentations.

The last show was held from April 19th through the 28th, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend on the 20th for the official show floor opening. I also had the chance to discover more than 500 vehicles, new technology fields and the latest futuristic concepts of the Auto industry. To be honest, it was one of the best auto shows I’ve ever visited in the world. There was so much ground to cover and things to see that it was a challenge to fit it all in one day. I loved every minute of it!

While there of course were hundreds of vehicles on display, there were a few that really caught my eye as being particularly beautiful and well designed, and so naturally well accustomed to my tastes. The first I want to focus on is the truly stunning 5th generation Toyota Supra, a sports car with nearly 400 horsepower and beautiful in both red and white, and probably in any other color. Next I want to touch on the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, which is a decently attractive and classy luxury vehicle.

Unfortunately, last year’s show which was originally scheduled for April of 2020 and then later postponed to August, was eventually entirely cancelled due to issues relating to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. So if you have a chance to go to the International Auto Show 2021 you should definitely consider it! It’s been scheduled for August 20th through 29th, Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10pm. I also highly recommend that if you do decide to go you should go on the official opening day on August 21st to attend the early morning festivities! There will definitely be a big crowd so don’t miss out!