Ridwello & Kirstin Collins – do it again?

A stand-out track titled as “Do it again” is enough to lure you to listen with curiosity to a song related to waiting and wanted to do it again.

A singer/songwriter Kirsten Collins is a natural entertainer having the most loyal fanbase eager for more of her vivacious attitude, colorful personality, and undeniable talent. Her message in all forms of artistic expression and across all social platforms is one of positivity, self-worth, and finding purpose in all endeavors. 

The musical artist Ridwello is the DJ and musical producer of so many hit songs and has his unique style of making the music.

Kristen Collin and Ridwello gets together for the collaboration of this perfect song of the history that was released on the 17th ofFebruary 2020.

The song allows for Kirsten Collins’s humor and hope of a relationship to come back as it is hard to forget everything. “Every moment stops me, every day gets hard, missing every breath you take,” she says in the song. “I wanna wait around.”depicts the intensity of this song and You are maybe around the town tells how the song is full of hope but at the same time it was said that “I made my decisions and lines likeendeavors of feelings, when you close some needing” illustrates loudly that how she was also strong enough to let it all go after she made her decisions.

Every independent young girl can relate herself to this meaningful song as it takes you into another world of emotions.

While there is no denying the song’s lyrics are relatable, the pairing of the Ridwello makes it a nearly perfect hit to blast this summer. 


Hit this link and sing out loud “I will do it again…” to vibe from home with all the ladies around the globe!


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