In my opinion auditions are very good to understand a character but also to choose different roles. I really like to repeat lines endlessly, or until I can virtually say the lines in my sleep. Sometimes, I forget words or phrases but as soon as it makes sense, there should be no doubts about the performance.

One of my preferred auditions was THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA which was choosen by my lovely friend Alexandra Samton. We have made very few changes in the script and I have to add  that I had an amazing time during my acting lessons at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in New York.

I tried to portray Miranda’s assistant Emily independent-minded and extremely driven and very tightly wound, working, and perpetually trying to anticipate every need.

All in all, I have to say that its very funny to portray any character in general but also to get along in at my studies and work at the office.