You all know me as Justyna Monde. But did you ever wonder why I picked „Monde” as my artist-actress name? What does monde mean to me?


 The word “monde” translates to “world” in English. To me somehow it also represents the roundness and fullness of the world — I also favor round shapes, like the Moon, diamonds, or even sport balls haha. But the word and name “Monde” has a lot of different meanings and backgrounds, sometimes even I get confused but I find it interesting.

 I also love Pokemon

Lip Balls 3 2018, Collection Harrie Colen


The Meaning of the Word “Monde”


As a name, Monde means “patience” and is believed to have aXhosa origin. Great power needs to come with great patience, am I right? In British English as a noun, “monde” means a stylish group of people within society or an individual’s own social circle. I feel like this exactly what this name and blog gives me with all the opportunities I get as a creative. In German “die Monde” means “moons” which also represents a powerful, shining entity to me. So, you are starting to get the feeling, right? A strong world, a powerful life, a full, round world worthy of exploring—that is what my artist name means to me to put it shortly. But let’s talk about the inspiration and other meaning a little more below.


The Orb on the Crowns


The French word “monde” also stands for the orb near the crown where its half arches meet. In the royal head piece, itrepresents the world the emperor rules. Once again, it shows strength, power


       & my love to CHRISTIANITY 


Graff Venus


Another thing that comes to my mind when I think about strength is diamonds. Imagine how strong you have to be to endure all that pressure and polish to finally turn into a precious jewel. Graff Venus is one of the world’s rarest diamonds; it is simply beautiful and radiates such an energy… Its shape, depth and flawless polish are all enchanting.




Beau Monde


Let’s turn back a little bit to the French meanings, because I can’t skip “beau monde” either. The phrase directly translates to “beautiful world”, but in its original meaning, it describes something similar as in British English: the world of fashionable. I already mentioned at the beginning that I feel like this matches very well with what my blog  under this artist name gives me. But beau monde also reminds me of the beautiful French architecture. Have you ever visited France? The classic and elegant architecture has many stories tell from history to modern days…



Did you know that Beau Monde is also a French seasoning mix? I haven’t had the chance to try it, but I really should, right? Anyway, this was the story of MONDE from JUSMONDE. I hope this give you a little deeper peak into what’s behind JUSMONDE.