Untitled Space – Indira Cesarine – New York

Just south of SOHO in Lower Manhattan, nestled in a corner between Lispenard and Canal street, The Untitled Space art gallery features exhibits of both established and up-and-coming contemporary artists, making use of a wide variety of mediums such as paint, sculpture, photography, and performance. I highly recommend you go there to view the art yourself, but if you can’t, don’t worry because they have an online virtual viewing room! Right now on exhibit is “The Labyrinth”, an installation of works by artist Indira Cesarine. This collection of work is meant by the artist to explore the theme of female-aspected Surrealism through a wide variety of artforms. Available for viewing in this exhibition are Cesarine’s most recently created artwork, as well as select pieces from her “Pandora’s Box”, “Goddess”, “ONLY YOU”, and “Les Fleurs du Mal” series. The entire exhibit is also available in published form on limited edition, you can find a preview here.

Her first solo show at the age of sixteen at Paul Mellon Arts Center was the beginning of her career, and by 17 years old Indira Cesarine was shooting photography for top modeling agencies like Elite, Ford, and IMG. After graduating from Columbia University with a triple major in Art History, French, and Women’s Studies, Cesarine moved to London with her continuing career in photography, being awarded commissions by Vogue, GQ, and Harper’s. Her work has been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Cannes Film Festival, Hudson Valley MOCA, The Watermill Center, Mattatuck Museum, Albany Institute, Rockefeller Center, among other prestigious institutions. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Untitled Magazine.

Much of her work is indicative of both a deeply intuitive and symbolic understanding of the female form, and an academically well trained eye for masterful use of lighting, shadows, and experimental photographic techniques. Since beginning her career in the 80’s, Indira Cesarine has been exploring Surrealist themes, and also experimenting with darkroom techniques and double exposures. A common theme across many of her pieces is a kaleidoscopic appearance, while the focus is often on a nude female, flowers, and neon lights.

Regarding her use of flowers, Indira Cesarine said that they are “a representation of women’s sexuality, as well as emotional expression of love, forgiveness, sorrow, and hope.” Sometimes they are photographic art of flowers, sometimes she has painted them, and other times she has sculpted them out of metal. Her “Les Roses Blanches Sont Innocents” is a great example of her photographic and ink print work on flowers, and is available on limited edition in 12’’x18’’ or 20’’x30’’ dimensions. Indeed, her subtle approach to the deliberate use of contrasted light and shadow are masterfully demonstrated in this piece, along with “Iyanna and the Leaves No 2”, a 20’’x16’’ piece.

A multidisciplinary artist, Indira Cesarine shares her unique vision through photography, video, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. She currently lives and works in the lower west Manhattan neighborhood known as Tribeca. A Mexican American artist, she has said that “I often find inspiration from my heritage, and incorporate subtle details while maintaining a contemporary approach.”